The AVL Jupyter lab provides a powerful, ready-to-use, interactive environment for exploring, visualizing, and plotting AVL data using Jupyter scientific notebooks. The notebook environment integrates an extensive Python scientific stack, including xcube and geoDB, as well as offering simple and fast access to AVL-specific datasets. Additional data can be uploaded, read from cloud storage, or ingested from a selection of online earth science data portals. The Jupyter notebook allows the user to interactively develop and richly document analysis workflows, and can be saved, exported, shared, and presented, and also incorporates powerful data visualization tools. Analysis results can of course be saved, shared, or downloaded. 

In a nutshell

Ready-to-use online data exploration, visualization, and analysis environment

Integration with xcube, geoDB, and the Python scientific stack

Simple access to supplied AVL datasets

Easily access or import further data from a wide range of online sources

Share and present analysis workflows as Jupyter notebooks

Download data and analysis results or share them in the cloud