The AVL Thematic System is intended for the analysis-ready time series preparation. It integrates and uses commonly used toolboxes (such as, but not limited to, SNAP, Orfeo Toolbox, GDAL, etc.) into a single user environment. This framework allows for visual processing composition and execution distribution in such a way that end users could define by themselves workflows. It provides a rich EO dataset explorer that allows the querying and retrieval of EO data of different types (optical, radar, atmospheric, passive microwave, altimetric) from different providers: Scientific Data Hub, USGS Earth Explorer, NASA EarthData, Alaska Satellite Facility, CNES Theia, ESA FedEO and EOCat, LSA Data Center, AWS, for a various collection of sensors. Additionally, it directly supports EO data repositories from the DIAS platforms allowing the direct usage of the products (without download). 


In a nutshell:

Large visual dataset explorer (search and download)

Time-series preparation for the analysis environment

Visual processing chain composition with SNAP, OTB, GDAL applications

Integration of Sen2Agri, Sen4CAP and Sen4Stat systems (can be used for time-series preparation and L4 products)

One-time and scheduled execution of processing chains

Easily extensible with other toolboxes/processing modules and other data sources