Become an Early Adopter of the Agriculture Virtual Laboratory!


Dear friends of EO agriculture science community,

The Agriculture Virtual Laboratory (AVL) is currently in use by a group of ‘Early Adopters’, who are applying it to their own scientific use cases. If you have plans for a project in the realm of agricultural science which could benefit from the resources provided by the AVL, and if you would like to join the Early Adopters group, please fill out and submit the application form below.

What is AVL?

A new virtual lab supported by ESA and developed by a team of experts to facilitate agricultural research. AVL offers direct access to many Analysis-Ready Data (ARD) alongside with cloud-computing resources and tools to simply share and publish results with colleagues and the public.

Who can apply?

This call is directed at early career researchers to co-shape these early developments of the AVL. You are cordially invited to submit a concise proposal for a self-contained project to showcase the potential and the limitations of the AVL and help shaping its future way.

We look at proposals covering the diversity in EO agriculture in terms of input EO and non EO data, applications, innovative methodologies and innovative collaborative framework.

How to apply?

Submit a mini-proposal – see below – explaining your intended project. The mini-proposals should clearly describe your scientific idea, question or application. Please specify which data streams you intend to use (from the ones already listed on the website, but feel free to request others), and in which context the research can be realized.

What do we offer?

Neat infrastructure for data analytics, online training, regular webinars, results presentation at an AVL workshop with special prices for the three best use cases selected by an ESA-AVL expert jury. A maximum budget of 3000 EUR per participant is available to invite you to the ESA AVL workshop 2024 (travel and daily subsistence allowance) and to pay the related publication cost.

What is the timeline?
  • Kick-off in early 2024
  • Continuous support from IT team from kick-off to final report
  • Submission of final reports from early adopters in autumn 2024
  • AVL workshop with result presentation (to be collocated with an ESA / AGRI conference)
  • Early adopters may continue to use the platform after submission of their final report
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Datasets identified at this stage

Please select all datasets which you plan to use on AVL.

Datasets available on AVL
Which datasets do you plan to use in your project? AVL provides a variety of EO data products from multiple sources (or collections).
See full AVL dataset list here
If you need other data than the ones listed above, please list them here (EO and non EO - auxiliary, ground data, calibration, validation, etc.).
For each dataset mentioned, please specify which license you plan to use: totally open, totally confidential or sharing under request.

Area of interest *

Please give us more information about your test area (coordinates preferred, typically 10.000 km², larger upon agreement). The upload option can be found in the next field.
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Area of interest as Shapefile (.shp), KMZ, KML, GeoJSON, or CSV

Period of interest *

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Context of the research *

Context of the research

Software and tools identified at this stage

See the list of available packages in the AVL Jupyter environment here. Packages provided by the TAO subsystem include OTB, Sen2Agri, and Sen4CAP.
Computing resources

Minimum allocated VM resources: 2GB RAM, 2 vCPUs, 50 GB filysystem storage. Additional on-demand computing resources available via the TAO system and transient dask clusters, and additional persistent storage available in S3 object storage buckets.