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Brockmann Consult has outstanding know-how in developing tools for the scientific user community. Examples like ENVISAT BEAM, Sentinel SNAP, the Climate Change Toolbox Cate, or the Earth System Data Laboratory are user tools which exactly hit the nerve of the target community. Brockmann Consult can achieve great success when working in, and leading a team, as shows the example of SNAP (4 companies, >500 000 downloads). The recent development of the open source software xcube, a Python package for managing and exploiting data cubes, is starting to become a similar success story in the domain of EO analysis-ready data. Brockmann Consult’s strength is the combination of deep understanding of EO science together with professional software development competence.

UCLouvain has long and successful experience in EO research for agriculture, which goes along with its recognized expertise in the design and implementation of intensive field campaigns all over the world. Active for more than 25 years in the domain, UCLouvain is co-chairing the R&D and national components of the GEOGLAM program and is acting as co-leader for the Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment and Monitoring (JECAM). Such solid networking with international initiatives and R&D cutting-edge experts is essential to make the AVL project a joint and successful community open science tool. UCLouvain has successfully developed the Sentinel-2 for Agriculture (Sen2-Agri) and Sentinels for Common Agricultural Policy (Sen4CAP) systems. The Sentinels for Agricultural Statistics (Sen4stat) will be coming in the next 18 months. In general, the team of Sophie Bontemps has great experience in cropland and crop type mapping using Sentinel data.

C-S Romania has long experience in software development, and particularly in the distributed software systems development and software integration solutions. The company has excellent experience in EO data processing chain development using different frameworks, various programming languages and/or toolboxes, notably the Orfeo Toolbox, ESA SNAP, and GDAL. 

Sinergise  develops enter­prise-level solutions for managing spatial data, especially for support in land administration and agriculture processes. The multi-purpose best known Sentinel Hub facilitates access to EO data and its respective fast-track processing, based on cloud technology. This innovative approach has great impact on the daily work routines of innovators, developers, scientists, and many others. Sinergise’s expertise and software is an invaluable asset for the AVL.

This project requires combined expertise in the area of agriculture on one hand, and EO data and processing, cloud computing and software development on the other hand. The team composed of Brockmann Consult GmbH, UCLouvain, C-S Romania and Sinergise combines these areas of expertise in a complementary, but still overlapping manner.